No Answer

It is funny that after watching, reading and taking all things about personal improvement.... how to find your passion, how to be successful and happy... sometimes I still has no answer on what to do next. Where am I going?

Perhaps for the longest time, I am seeking answers from the outside, and failed to realize that everyone's life is different and I need to look within for answers.

The education system we are having now, is highly structured and produces mainly obedient workers. We are conditioned to believe there is a path to follow in order to 'make it', and It is predictable, it doesn't take much effort for people to truly think. We think that we have control to all of our decisions, our destiny, in reality the question everyone should ask themselves is 'what would I do, if money is no problem?', 'what would I do If I can achieve anything?'

Our decisions are made up by millions of factors, temperature of the room, the environment we are in, the story that's inside our head maybe it was fed by the media maybe families, schools. So who are we really?

Just like hundreds of years ago, human realized that earth is not the center the universe...In neuroscience, we now find out that there is only a small fraction of our brain that is truly us. It is a humbling realization, and there is a bright side. The keys to live a life that is by your own design, not by default, starts with a simple yet tricky concept, Awareness. Being aware of your thoughts and feelings and behaviors is the gateway to change. By knowing and understanding yourself, you can start to know your own thinking pattern, and what excites you, what is manipulating you


The second key to live a intentional life is story telling. This is the fun part because we are the story that we tells us, when you know that you are the director/writer of your own life, you will be empowered and you will feel the passion. Most of us, our story of life is predetermined by the food we eat, the family we grow up in, the media we consume, the people we spend our time with, our career. This is why Awareness is the foundation here, because a lot of times we don't even know we are being influenced. This is why all the happy and successful people (your own version of success) often says 'you are the average of the five people you spent the most time with'. So, now it is the time you call the shots, you sit on that director's chair and design the story of your life!

If you find it difficult to tell a compelling story without limiting beliefs, start by changing your environment, be with the people lead you there, and be the person help others alike get there, if you can't then rewire your thoughts by listening and reading, it is like you are having a conversation with the best of the bests!

And last, for many of us is the hardest part. Trust.

No matter how passionate, how positive and how hard working we are. There will be a time when all is lost, when we have no answer, when we feel we are not making any progress. We don't know where future lies and if we are going to make the right call. The only thing we can do is to trust that life will take care of us, trust ourselves that every decision is the right decision, trust the universe or god or no matter what you believe and it will help us.

As Ram Dass said 'we are all just walking each other home.'

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