College is a scam

Last year I decided to finish college on my own term. Dropped out! I know it's the right call, but it was not an easy decision, and I do not know the road ahead. But now look back, It was one of the best decision I've ever made. I learned more in one year than I could in 4-6 years in college. Best thing is, less debt, more income & real world experience. Now I am working on my mission, my dreams, feeling better everyday. Yes there's doubts, fear, tears and failure. But life is in the action, staying in school forever is the easy way out (in the short term).

If you are already more than half way into college, don't worry. Everyone is walking their own path, and I have faith in you that you will find your way.

I hope my experience can help you, never let schooling interrupts our education. Life is already a big class room, learn in our own way, take action, fail and repeat! There are tons of knowledge from both online and private in person courses that cost you way less, and have a greater ROI. There is no road map to success and happiness, school never teaches us that. Each one of us have to figure it out on our own. But once we did, it's the best feeling anyone can have.

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